Cyber Security

As the world becomes more connected and networks continue to evolve, securing IT environments is becoming more complex than it once was. We are now facing Gen-V (5th Generation) of cyberattacks, large scale attacks that quickly spread and move across attack vectors and industries. Gen V attacks are more sophisticated than ever, crossing mobile, cloud and networks, and bypassing conventional defenses that are based on detection.

Cloud Security

Mobile Security
Next-Gen Firewalls
Endpoint Security

Additional Supporting Features

Application Filtering

Enables application security policies to identify, allow or block of 1000 of applications, including Web and social networking, regardless of port, protocol or evasive technique used to traverse the network.

Intrusion Prevention System

IPS Detects & prevents specific known vulnerabilities, including both known and unknown exploit tools, protocol misuse which may indicate threats, Data Leakage and other Malware Communications

URL Filtering

Allow, block or limit website access based on user or group Id for a single URL or an entire URL Category. The ability to allow, block and limit web site access is missing from most URL filtering solutions today.


Detect and block new, unknown malware and targeted attacks found in E-mail, Drives attachments, downloaded files, and URLs to files within emails. Provides protection to all the file formats by eliminating the Risk.

Critical Threats


Operation Tripoli

July 1, 2019 


Agent Smith

July 10, 2019


NSO Vulnerability

May 14, 2019 

Why Firewall ?

  • Real-time threat prevention against known and unknown threats, leveraging our most advanced threat prevention and zero-day technologies 
  • Consistent security across all Check Point components with shared threat intelligence across networks, cloud and mobile 
  • Unified and efficient management of the entire security network through a single pane of glass. Rich integrations with 3rd party solutions with flexible APIs

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