Audio & Video

Heavenly musical to mind twisting productive speeches, saves Travel Logistics, Stress, Money, witnessing visuals, instant decisions showcasing achievements and beforehand sharing information all together yields money and time-saving.

What We Support...


Video Collabration

Video Conferencing transformed as video collaboration. This becomes possible by interactive touch technology growth. From your cubics you can join the meeting & annotate. Capture, Save whole content on the screen canvas.


Meeting Rooms

Cable cubby can do collaborative small meetings enabling quick visual comparisons wireless presentations and soft conferencing. 


Board Rooms

Typical VVIPs conferencing, a single tab on the table can handle the whole meeting very professionally - Simple tools under the table do the magic. High prioritized meetings are made possible without IT Tech support.


Training Rooms

Environment Cameras, Highly utility packed simple Podium, Interactive laser Projectors, Audio systems makes the training as a Fun and info-packed productive sessions.



Enhance your Auditorium as an infotainment hall. Using precise Audio & Video products, tune it to match speeches, Switch the same for an Annual meet, Cultural program or to watch a Movie. Appropriate environment cameras can eliminate professional cameraman. A single hall attendee using his tab wirelessly maneuver the whole hall with his single finger.


Digital Signage

Statistics says "Signage displays with appropriate contents improves productivity." Advertisements are not only for the customers, but we also have to expose our colleague's talents, achievements, by showcasing their stats inside the campus. Use it as Knowledge Sharing, Safety Informations, Progress towards goals, and a simple Notice boards.


Video Wall

Video wall -> Blow it. A standard content crosses an important moment, blow it. Size is customizable. The SOC/NOC room with a video wall multi-tasking supervisor's in it with live graphical and digital data, make them prevent, precise, achieve goals.


Operation Theatre

Live Surgery closeup coverage as of a Surgeons eye view with interactive audio from the same surgeon is more precious. You can add patient history with other two camera views within a screen but every source as a single individual frame is a highlight. It is Recordable and streamable whereas another surgeon can also join.

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